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Best WordPress Security without Plugins

DDoS attacks on WordPress | Prevent Brute Force Attacks WP website

One of the most primal ways of hacking WordPress website is brute force (DDoS) attack. It means receiving the password and login user name. This method often useing by Hakers, they looking advantage of errors in the settings of the engine and the server- it helps them get automatically password and account name by reduces the number of combinations.
XML-RPC technology applied in the WordPress system for various pleasant chips pingbacks type, trackback functions. Without logging to admin panel hacker can access any website using area remote site management. Unfortunately, attackers using it to DDoS attacks on sites. This is a real facts- when creating a beautiful interesting WP website. same time if you not taking any security step, not suspecting anything, you can be part of a botnet for DDoS attack. Connecting together hundreds of thousands of sites, some people create a solid attack on his victim. While your site also suffers because workload goes on a hosting service where it is placed.
World famous web security Kaspersky Lab experts opinions DDoS Attacks across WP Come with Encryption. This is very easy for any webmaster to get actual codes against brute force attacks. Just go to official website of WP carefully read their recommendation and need to secure method during WordPress installation and setup. It will take mach more time but website will secure for long time.

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