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Secure Your WordPress Site from Hackers without Free Plugins. Best practices for web securityBest WordPress Security without Plugin | WP Security Issues and Tips

There is no such thing as a 100% secure website – any system can be cracked, even if it passed hundreds of audits. Which means to always be ready and not lose vigilance. The security of your website depends substantially on your action – ranging from easy passwords “12345” before the distribution is not known to whom the privileges and install unknown scripts. A quality webmaster must make efforts to protect their servers against hacking, but any webmaster does not deal directly with your safety for site.The hole in security can be formed throw WordPress free plugins, and also from any third-party script that you install on the same hosting account. So, those are the General safety tips that we can give every owner of a site on WP.
Banking sites cracking for the sake of money, the Pentagon — for spying and nobody wants my website”— Unfortunately, that believes the majority of owners of website. How to protect a website, think only units, but in vain. The modern reality of absolutely any platform, regardless of the type or popularity, is of interest in the eyes of hackers. Who and why he would want your resource?

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