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Determination of SEO factor in any website is very a complex and joined with many factors. This all factors works within a website. two kind of energy can give the start search-engine run with excellent results. First one is internal optimization, and second one is external optimization works outside the site,. All activities pinpoint at promoting ranking in SEO, but not on social networks. The second is called SMO already and SMM. Talk a bit about the internal optimization. This all works within a site, success of internal optimization depends only on the webmaster of the site. Here is a short list of steps: identify keywords — combination semantic kernel of keyword density in each article the presence of it’s tags for text formatting (headers, text selection, etc.) internal linking ” Intro site links”. Uniqueness, readability and size of content easy to navigate and pleasant design-usability meta tags-description and keywords are the basic elements of internal factors. Only take care to them you will not get into the top (at least on medium-and high-frequency queries), but increase search engine rankings exactly happens.

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