What is Joomla?

To better understand what is Joomla, you should review all its functions. Clear and simple admin area, which is a Joomla workshop. It can work as one man and group of people. As like as WordPress. Hence, management is being editing and admin zone graphically shows what is currently has an installed version of Joomla. Integration with Web resource, written in HTML and debugged work with that language. Create a feedback form. Empowering Joomla using many free and decent extensions. This includes guestbook, chat, Forum and much more. Still periodically go new versions with improvements. It is used both for creating simple individual projects and to implement complex corporate portals and major online stores. Today, millions of sites created on this CMS. What explains this huge popularity and trust users to Joomla is? To answer these and other questions you will find in our interesting article.
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What is Drupal

Drupal is a free software (GPL) protected and is created through the efforts of enthusiasts. written in PHP and uses to store the content of a relational database (MySQL, PostgreSQL,supported DBMS PEAR library). The architecture of Drupal allows its use to build different types of sites, from blogs and forums to news sites. The functionality is provided by plugins that access a common Drupal API. Drupal is less popular then WordPress.

The system supports the interface localization for different languages.Importing and exporting translations site also takes the form the gettext library). In Drupal a flexible organization structure based on taxonomy. Using this same modules it is possible to organize various options for structuring content. For example, easily creates end-to-end list of “keywords” for all documents of the site, etc. It design based on changeable themes. As such there is no single design schemes instead of Drupal makes it possible to use different engines, using templates suitable for editing.
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