What is Magento

Magento is one of the popular CMS for online retailers. Competition can make WordPress with the plugins ( WooCommerce, etc) but WordPress is more popular. Magento CMS makes possible to create multiple online stores & manage them from a common center, one administrative dashboard . This is a bold plus, which induces many owners of Internet shops to the choice of this particular platform.In Magento CMS is easy to work with the prices-it is possible for a while to reduce the cost of their products, give a discount for regular clients. Magento implemented easy control, which allows you to assign different rights in the Administrative Panel for different people: managers, accountants, programmers, and others. Also in the e-store on Magento , many features are available and users. For example, they can write reviews on products and rate. To advance in the search engine optimization page exists for each product. Moreover Magento allows create an XML site map, which will contain links to all available pages online store. This card is required for search engine robots to properly resource indexing.
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