Perfect WordPress Child Theme

Best practice for Perfect WP Child Theme | Free themes harmful!

Child theme- is a good feature for an experienced webmaster In WordPress. Best methods to override parent theme – A web designer can create his own theme, this is call child theme. It can be completely customize: styles CSS, JavaScript, HTML and PHP codes. It is better than any free theme – because errors free & excellent page speed. Usually themes consists a large number of files and folders. Those are carrying very complex codes .This them will always automatically Update as like as original WP themes version will be Updated. It is only natural that webmaster strive for code reuse, create libraries, can do much more with his knowledge. This is a perfect way to create a fresh unique WP website. when people downloading free theme, they don’t know what is inside can be included. if you need secure and SEO friendly website, never use free theme or plugins. This free things can damage your project.