Block Brute Force Attack

How to Prevent Brute Force Attacks in WordPress | Protect WP-Admin

Massive Brute Force attack on the websites, which is happening in web-hosting worldwide. Dangers of hacking exposed mainly sites on the WordPress and other CMS site. In case of successful hacking site becomes a botnet and used for the new attacks. If you still haven’t heard about it, it does not mean that it does not apply to you. Using brute force selected login access the site via Weblog Client. As a result, the site is very large number of requests that can create increased server load.
Most of the website owner neglect security issues. The Internet has always been a botnet. A botnet is a group of infected computers, usually normal users. The computer may be in a bot network for long time and the user will not know about this attack . There is a small network. These attackers useing themselves for different purposes. Example, Make your competitor site did not work, ordered an attack on this site. Botnet receive the signal with the command to log on to this site and result a large number of hits to the website requests
Make a fallback mechanism of protection against in case Brute Force attack . Firstly, don’t use simple password. Secondly, Best way to do is reject all IP addresses except your own. Can be done some useful step via the .htaccess file.
Protect your WordPress Admin Panel from hackers in any case, need to take care for the security of the site. These simple steps to protect against BF attack :
* do not use the default user admin name and set a complex password to log in to the admin area for WordPress
* Limit the number of login attempts in the Admin Panel,
* Change your Authentication Keys
* Hide wp-config file
* Disable XML-RPC in WordPress
* Never use unknown free Plugins