WordPress XML-RPC

WordPress xmlrpc Brute Force Attack | Disable XML-RPC or Remove

What is the XML-RPC attack? XML-RPC is a standard mechanism for WordPress, which applies in particular for the pingbacks mechanism. And in the latest versions of WordPress, starting from 3.5, pingbacks enabled by default with no option to disable their standard tools. Simply put, XML-RPC mechanism helps to communicate to another site that he appeared in a new reference material. This is the standard ability to WordPress, and it is not a vulnerability. Bad becomes when hacker use it for spamming. Using many sites using queries with them it is possible to arrange xmlrpc.php DDoS attack another site.
What can you do when getting rid of xml-rpc.php requests? Well, everything is simple. You can simply Disable XML-RPC mechanism. This can be done manually through configuration or .htaccess files. If you are WordPress Developer go to This Link and Learn how to solve. We are using only WP clean code.