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Protect WP-Admin Panel with htaccess | WordPress Login Page Security

WP CMS site is strong protected by the system, but you can find in any system vulnerabilities. WordPress developers try to make protection more robust CMS with each new release, but the attackers are also not sleeping at this time. So, to defend your site Admin-area from attacks. We are giveing some perfect practical tips for protecting your WordPress website Admin- Panel, that will help you protect site from basic attacks.
Admin- Panel is the most attackable of all sections of the site. So, once here, an attacker winning full access to the entire site, and can do whatever he want. Why protect the admin area? Often site owners do not attach much importance to the protection of the admin area, as then spared when victims of burglary. WordPress, because of its openness and popularity throughout the world, is under scrutiny from hackers. Of course, the engine developers swiftly correct security errors, but also fast and are new, from which you can suffer until they are corrected.
1) Determine a password minimum 15 characters, numbers, symbols, and upper and lower case letters
2) Choose long username with mall and capital letters with out admin
3) Protect admin url with password
4) Hide your admin- panel url
5) Create a .htaccess file with correct code ( only from official WP site)

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