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Anchor Text Best Practices

Best Practices for SEO Anchor Text in Website | Types of Anchor Text

Anchor text always between the html tags links. In other way to say this text is a reference :- when you click on it, you turn to another site or on another page of the same site. This is the great importance for page rank. Anchor text is a road map classification and terminology to communication and understanding between web development and output Results. In this article we will explain what is this, why they are so important and how to properly use them for search engine optimization. Let’s start with definitions:
Generic Anchors: general short sentences that are used as an anchor text link like this – click here, go there, open it, see it, sign here or read more,
Branded anchors: branded anchors mean that the link is linked to your brand or your URL. Be careful to use your branded anchor often or more than up to 10% of the exact match on your site. Google may disallow additional links.
Brand with keyword anchors: when you use a combination of two parts, it means – the brand name with the target keywords.
Naked link anchors: this is a link when you use the URL of your own domain name
Anchor images: link with a image
Partial match anchors: at least one phrase with your keyword or match of queries
Latent Semantic Indexing anchors: a synonym or a related keyword.
Exact match anchors: when a link is used with text content inside text, one word, part sentence or full sentence

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