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Web Images-Optimal File Size | Image Optimization for WordPress SEO

For website every page element must be correctly optimized, as for the convenience of site visitors and for search engines. How to write SEO texts and optimize text content (images), we have already written. optimization of pictures, images, photos, and other graphical content on the site. As texts, images require optimization and organization in addition to the other elements on the page. As a result, search engine optimization of images can give a plus not only for relevancy of pages on your site and increase positions, also plus to traffic due to the appearance of images in Google images.
More people are thinking about SEO-minimizing their online resources, because it is so beneficial and useful for targeted traffic. Images for SEO while optimizing site content some owners completely forget about image for SEO promotion, it is also very important. image optimization is not so complicated as it may seem at first glance.