Rel Nofollow SEO

Rel Nofollow SEO Value-How to Use It | Rel Nofollow SEO for WordPress

In short answer for “Nofollow” is Do not follow this particular link. This attribute telling search engines “Do not follow this links on this page” or “Do not follow this particular link.”
Why use it in a page article link? it is a completely different site pages and code elements, respectively, are used for a variety of purposes. Google and Yandex on this attribute are well aware. For what it is, read the rest of the text.
Secrets to optimizing websites are not only in their promotion of key demands, care about usability and increasing traffic, but also in the proper use of html code. Proper use of the tags and their attributes often helps to avoid several days of work. There is a popular and effective techniques. Probably in SEO-optimization cannot be separated attributes rely nofollow and noindex tag. Therefore, this article will be discussed and that, what they are? whether they put a number and when to use them, and when this is not worth it.