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Best Website Structure with SEO | WP Website Structure Types

Organization of Proper site structure is an important stage in the internal website optimization. It allows not only to ensure the usability of the site for visitors, but also helps in promoting, improving ranking.
A well-designed structure search engines quickly commit crawl the site. Proper structure site have new documents might fall in the index in almost within 24 hours after posting on the Internet resource. second important factor is ease of navigation around the site for the user, which would have a positive effect on the behavioral factors and, consequently, for visibility, position, and traffic. At the same time, changes in the structure of the site after the launch of the project was not always easy, and if the wrong actions usually entails a decrease in positions and as a result reduce traffic while search engines do not adapt to the new structure

There are five main qualitative component for Website usability is measured:
Orientation: how easy new visitors on new website site to perform the most elementary actions. Do they interfere with the web-design, addons, adverts and Auto Play feature.
Efficiency: how quickly the visitor can do navigate the site & perform necessary actions.
Memo ability: how easily it will be to navigate the visitor to the site after a long absence on the site.
Errors: the number of errors committed by a website visitor, ways to eliminate these lags and ease in eliminating the consequences of these erroneous actions.
Satisfaction: the subjective degree of “satisfaction” for the visitor, the emotional perception of the website: web design + collection of information + navigation + display in the browser.