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WordPress Installation, Setup and Maintenance

WordPress Installation 100% Secure setup | Without Free plugins

Many non experienced webmaster think WordPress is not secure platform. It is completely normal view and many people believe so. But it is very far from the truth. For a simple example: your installation taking time 2-3 hours. this is indicated you don’t know how to install and setup it. never carefully read WP full recommendation. Just Remember for a secure and Perfect WordPress installation take time not hours also days. A high qualified webmaster working for WP installation-setup with Security and SEO 3-4 days with out any free plugins. What is common between Microsoft Windows, Android, Google Chrome, and WordPress? All these are examples of very popular software. People are constantly finding gaps in their security. But even given that they all the time have to fix bugs and vulnerabilities, security gaps does these tools unreliable? No, this is not the case. Frequent updates do not necessarily mean that some code is poorly written or the program is not protected against external security threats.
This is a game between developers and hackers like cat and mouse. It will continue- hackers trying to hack the software. If it is such a large scale, like WordPress, chances of hitting under attack from hackers grows. A big community of WordPress developers will be able to fix the problem on the day of its occurrence and detection. In addition, there is a whole team that works for security of WP, So WP-Platform protected well. Don’t use free plugins. In any case, nothing is absolutely safe. We live in a time when scientists are going to crack the code in our brains! Nothing is inaccessible, and WordPress is no exception. Protect your site with code and your knowledge without all FREE plugins.


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