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WordPress Speed Optimization Service

Google PageSpeed | Avoid redirection WP landing page

If you want good page speed no need Redirects landing page. For this case an additional HTTP request-response reform in server. The program will detects that you have more than one redirect. This take more time for DNS ,TCP, and TLS reconciliation.
Enable gzip compression in WordPress | With .htaccess file
A significant contribution to the increase in speed has made CSS compression through Page Speed, caching of static objects like scripts & CSS files on the client side, as well as very effective proved to allow Gzip compression on hosting server. A .htaccess file allowing to optimize the caching of images, CSS & scripts files in browsers of visitors. Caching is really very convenient (because it quite simply is implemented) and strongly will increase upload speed of the site. Use perfect code to .htaccess and when this all works great. But at once latest action has a negative component — increases the load of your server resource. But for hosting problem can solve just changing hosting provider.
Page Speed Usability | Recommendations for WordPress

Usability is a qualitative measure of simplicity and ease of use of the site.
Immediately-we are talking here about websites in General. Many pages, landing page, subscription page or online store-for each subspecies of these site rules will adapt differently.
In 99% cases when doing usability audits-on sites is missing one or more of this list elements. This is very important for effective conversions.

You can learn more about PageSpeed Insights Rules visit Google official page. Website page speed is the most important issues raised day by day. Google and other world-famous search engines using more complicated software for an improved web page load system. usually user avoid slow loading site this is the real fact for any situation. A website owner don’t have time to check and understand what is the cause for bad business.
Only have a website can’t gives guaranty for mass visitors to the site. Here is some link for website page speed test tools. Test your website using this links: Google Pagespeed Insights, Pingdom and GTmetrix.

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