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The majority of site owners hunting for unique content! who will write? how it looks like, how to find it, and much more questions about quality and result. unique content means not only fresh text, it also includes: photos, graphics, pictures & videos Historically, there is no search algorithms on graphics or Photo but the effect is determined by analyzing the length of texts, keyword density and other parameters. Therefore, without quality text is no website. Most of the webmasters have repeatedly experienced the situation where before writing a new article or post enter into a stupor and frantically thinking. For writing excellent SEO-Text need 3 most important primary knowledge. a) Good understanding about technical side of Search engine optimization- how it works. b) technical understand about web. c) rich language with a little bit graphical knowledge. many people looking in internet all free things. in one word it is not possible to get 100% unique-content from internet. Best way to get it free use your own brain.