What is a WordPress site | How does it work?

Why does likes him many people? First place among the CMS with leading position. According to some surveys, WordPress using almost half of the professional webmaster in the World. An important advantage is easy to use, even if don’t have a excellent knowledge about what MySQL, PHP, CSS. If the thought crept into my head that this content management system site use only fans, know that this is a misconception. WordPress now more secure than other CMS. Security will depend up to you. Thousand of specialist working to improve every day. If you want to secure your website with the free plugins. This is not good idea for web security. We just follows WP official recommendation. Thanks to WordPress is done filling the site with lots of necessary scripts and new styles. And professionals are often just need to tweak individual items comply with the desired result. You must understand that this is a complete software system that can be perfectly customized by professional webmaster. It securely works continuously without any problems on the site
Bootstrap It is a most famous framework with a set of HTML & CSS. Templates for layout a more efficient and rapid creation for sites & Web applications. Bootstrap is a quickly helper for developers, designers, webmasters and interfaces available for use under an open license. This a very dynamic and regularly updated, so not all of its functions can be maintained correctly in older browsers. It is now at the peak of popularity and can confidently say that it could make any eeb interface. In fact, all you will need is set required classes and attributes of page elements that you want to modify using this framework. But more on that later … In this framework, integrated JQuery UI (User Interface), which with ease will help to create different visual effects: modal window, tool tips, sliders, etc. And it’s all based on Bootstrap properties and patterns. Bootstrap connection to connect the Framework into your project, you need to download an archive containing the style sheet and JQuery library Bootstrap. The archive contains three folders js, css, img. Distribute their contents according to the structure of your project, solely for convenience.