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Mobile Friendly Website

Tablet, iPad and Mobile Friendly Website | SEO Success Factors

Since 2015 Google introduced its new search algorithm “Mobile-friendly” to identify pages, sharpened under smart phones and create for them an additional rating of popularity, outputting to the top sites that truly work through phones. Given that the number of Internet users visiting the network from smart phones is more than 50% of the total number of users, have a mobile version of the site is extremely important for electronic mass-media, blogs, entertainment sites, various commercial sites.
Firstly, many site owners are beginning to think of ways of earning on the mobile traffic. Do you have mobile friendly websites? Don’t delay just go right now for google mobile speed test. it is free for everyone. Google mobile-friendly test

Test your website for mobile friendly and loading speed time. It is very important for any business site. Think with Google is a new slogan for your business success. Have a website not enough for reach to the main goal. it also must run proper way. Check your website speed with perfect tools. It is easy to use and understand for any user.
1. Mobile friendly test with Google
2. Mobile speed test with Google

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